With the real estate boom in the area it is but natural that there be a proliferation of real estate agents and housing companies in gurgaon. The real estate in Gurgaon has progressed from being sold away at throw away prices to being an extremely sought after commodity. The situation is such that though real estate prices are on the high side they are obviously not unaffordable as is evident by the thousands of residents who opt for real estate in Gurgaon each year. The construction industry and the developers of the real estate in Gurgaon have something on offer for almost every segment of the market and now provide feature rich accommodation at reasonably priced rates. Read more and find information about apartments, commercial property, residential flats, agriculture land and industrial space, property rates in Gurgaon.

BE Housing
BE Gurgaon property deals done in the commercial sector. On Offer is 2 Lakh Sq. Feet Area in the luxurious residential Project in Sector – 85, Gurgaon to be built by ORRIS infrastructure (Carnation Regency Project)

Major Gurgaon Property Deals

There are many major leasing Gurgaon property deals done in the commercial sector. A 28,000 square ft. space is being leased by the banking sector HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) at the Regent Square. This is one of the busiest and famous commercial places in the Gurgaon city. Bharati Telesoft, a telecom service sector have also leased about 25,000 square ft. of space at the Unitech Cyber Park.

Renting a Better Option

The multinational firms and other sectors are finding rental property in Gurgaon a better option in comparison to buying it. The returns in leasing or renting a property are impressive and profitable. In the past few years, the capital values of the properties in Gurgaon are increasing day by day. Therefore there is a gradual decrease in the buying capacity of business sector. Instead, the firms and industries are opting for rented commercial space in Gurgaon. There is also a vast difference between the capital value and rental prices of the spaces. The capital value of major commercial destination in Gurgaon is Rs 14,000 -Rs 15,000 per square ft. For the same property, the rental is in the range of Rs 100- Rs 125 per square ft.