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Gurgaon, the second largest city in the state of Haryana is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The city neighbors the (National Capital City) of Delhi. An express highway bridges the 30 kms between these two marquee cities of the NCR.

Golden Heritage

A popular belief is that the Gurgaon village which is nestled at the heart of Gurgaon city was the birthplace of Guru Dronacharya, the most sought after teacher of martial arts in India. Gurgaon derives its name from "guru" and "gaon" which individually translate as "Teacher" and "village". The village was gifted to Dronacharya by Dhritarashtra, the king of Hastinapur. Thus the village embraced its name as Gurugram and subsequently Gurgaon.

Modern history Re-Cap

From the Mugals to Rajputs and the Yaduvanshis, the city has witnessed many regimes change in its rich heritage. Even the East India Company has reigned supreme over the city once. It was after the Second Anglo-Maratha War in 1803 that the East India Company gained control over the city with the Treaty of Surji-Anjangaon. It became the a part of the Punjab provincee under the British management. It was during the middle of the nineteenth century that Gurgaon was enveloped under the princely province of Pataudi. Gurgaon remained to be a part of Punjab long after India's independence. It was in 1966 when Haryana was formed as an independent state with Gurgaon in it.


Rajiv Gandhi's emphasis on private companies being located near to the Indira Gandhi International Airport coupled with Haryana government's favourable tax policies resulted in Gurgaon playing a major part in the industrial growth of India. It first gained its prominence as an outsourcing and offshoring hub of the world. Eventually, it became the major hub of telecom companies alike. From Nokia to bharti Airtel and Ericsson, nearly every telecom company worth its mettle has its base in Gurgaon. There are a number of MNC's like the PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young,SAP, KPMG, BCG, BT Group, Wunderman, Hines, McKinsey and Nestle that have their presence in the city..


The transformational tale of an once farming-centric town to a cyber city is testimony to India's development and the city's resolve to become a paramount destination in the global market. The city's growth was spurred by Maruti's advent and it hasn't looked back since then. Gurgaon's meteoric rise as a technology city has been credited to its proximity to Indira Gandhi International airport and Haryana government’s favorable tax policies. The city is flocked by hundreds of multinational companies like IBM, ACCENTURE, ERICSSON, AIRTEL, PwC, DELOITTE and many more. The second largest city of Haryana is now a dream city with aspirations of an entire nation lying on its young shoulders.