The real estate industry has been witnessing an unexpected growth in Haryana and Gurgaon tops the list of cities that are experiencing this boom. There has been a lot happening here in terms of Shopping, Jobs, Bank loans, Credit Card Loans, which is why almost all of the nationalised banks have their branches in Gurgaon. Even, international banks have also opened their branches in Gurgaon.

Most of the people arrive here from different regions of the country and for them getting loans approved for their requirements is one of their prime concerns, whether it is for residential purpose, office space or some other purpose.

Keeping this in mind nationalised banks like HDFC, SBI have opened their number of branches here so that they can avail the maximum benefit in terms of customer service. The benefits here include ATMs, Bank loans, Credit Card loans, mortgage loans and many more.

Also, due to jobs seekers, students and frequent shoppers, ATMs machines are getting utilised like never before. Moreover, most of the banks have their ATMs strewn all across the Gurgaon, especially in shopping malls.

In terms of banking, Gurgaon boast to have almost every bank, which have at least a branch in the city. And, this makes Gurgaon as one of the most comfortable city to live in.