Watching a movie in a cinema hall offers something that cannot be experienced at home. Furthermore, when it is the movie theatres in Gurgaon, there is simply no end to the zeal. Gurgaon regarded as the highly developed and most advanced neighbour of the capital of India is packed with immense facilities and qualities. Delhi needs no introduction when it comes to describing its qualities. Sky- touching buildings decorating the city, huge wide roads and highways and all-encompassing shopping complexes is some of the most lively places to linger, together add up to for an accomplished city.

The number of spacious PVRs and SRS Gurgaon is ever increasing for the sake of the residents of this bustling city and to let them relax and rejoice. You will find all of them studded with highly developed facilities. The splendiferous amenities being offered at various cinema halls will surely help you make the most of the leisure.

PVRs and SRS in Gurgaon, through their first-rate facilities in its theatres, is no less than a delicacy to join. You will be amazed by the outstanding warmth offered at both the movie theatres, the one at OMAXE MALL or at SRS Cinema in the Celebration Mall. With the seamless sound and graphic quality, these cinema halls welcome every one of you to come and relish.