Gurgaon, the miracle city of Haryana, has now turned into a major hub of endeavors in the region that too on an industrial scale. Among the most flourishing cities of the region, primarily because of its proximity to the national capital of Delhi which lies just 30 kms away from it, Gurgaon is now a far cry from its pre-independence days as a sleepy suburb of Delhi.

The home of big multi national companies including Sapient, Genpact, Nestle, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle Corporation, Adidas, Nokia, Pepsi to name just the very few Gurgaon has now become a model for other cities in the country.

The foreign investment and the employment opportunities thus opened up have lead to an increased migration to the city of Gurgaon. This in turn has lead to an increase in the number of housing projects in the city of Gurgaon and a massive rise in the number of real estate agents in Gurgaon.

Consequently, real estate in Gurgaon is thriving at an exorbitant speed with the upsurge in the number of new constructions. Additionally, owning property in Gurgaon has become a sought after but elusive dream for the majority of people because of the soaring heights of Gurgaon properties. The number of people making their way to real estate consultants in Gurgaon is proof of that city's prosperity. Apart from the presence of MNC's, excellent infrastructure and the company of exotic shopping malls are some of the other factors in the vicinity of Gurgaon properties that also grab the attention of buyers.

The real estate boom in Gurgaon is completely apparent from the fact that several new projects have been finalized to gratify the escalating demand for commercial and residential property. Thereby, now many real estate agents even have the luxury of restricting themselves to the sale of only such properties which are close by to the highway and are well connected with Gurgaon to reap benefits from this real estate boom. Some of the real estate in Gurgaon is sold on sky high rates by most real estate agents.

Gurgaon is thus the perfect location for the construction of both commercial complexes and residential homes. Currently many residential Gurgaon properties are in the stage of development and many more are still in the pipeline to be constructed. If you are looking forward to buy real estate in Gurgaon on affordable price, then consult real estate agent as they give you a wide range of both residential and commercial properties to choose from. Moreover you can also sell or rent out your Gurgaon property on most outstanding prize through a real estate consultant in Gurgaon.