Boarding Schools are different from ordinary schools. A boarding school not only provides education to its students but also provides boarding and lodging. In India, the concept of boarding schools is not new. In the present age of intense competition, every parent wants a healthy environment for a child's overall development. Parents appreciate the education system as well as the discipline and responsibility. the boarding school brings into their child.

Discipline and Responsibility
Discipline and responsibility prepares a person to take up a challenge at any point of life. This is one of the main reasons for the parents to opt for a boarding school. A boarding school provides a disciplined atmosphere, which consists of various rules and regulations to be followed by students. The students also gain a sense of responsibility since they are far away from their parents. Therefore, they have to take care of themselves and their necessities.

Wide Range of Activities
A boarding school offers a wide range of activities to its students for their overall development. The mental growth of a child is not limited to academics but also includes some creativity and inspiration. These schools provide various curricular activities in order to give complete opportunity to enhance a child's personality. Some of these activities include sports, music, dance, art & craft, debate, and social service. Indulgence in such activities brings confidence as well as, provides motivation to students. Students in boarding schools gain extreme confidence in their abilities by participating in various activities.

Social Structure
A boarding school aims at providing a solid social structure from a grass root level. Students, far away from their families are given an atmosphere where they can be comfortable. The teachers and administration staff are committed to provide a friendly, warm and close-knit atmosphere to the students. Moreover, there is also great bonding among students as they share experiences, joy, and sorrows. The students develop a relation among themselves, which goes well beyond a classroom. This kind of social structure helps students be open and socially active as compared to normal school going children. It has been seen that students educated in boarding schools are more extrovert and make friends easily.

Secured Environment
The boarding schools have turned out be a boon for working parents. Nowadays, in a competitive world, both parents are working to meet their ends and therefore are unable to give full attention and sufficient time to their child. Parents therefore prefer a boarding school, which provides good education and a homely environment. The parents thereby feel relieved by leaving their child in a secured and administrative environment.

Parental Participation
The parents are fully involved in the academic as well as personal up bringing of their child even in a boarding school. Although these schools are meant to prepare students for a tough life ahead, the school including teaching staff and advisors always keep the parents aware about the development of the child. The schools encourage parental participation in their child's life so that a child is not deprived of the love and affection of their parents.

By sending their children to a boarding school doesn't mean that parents have done their duty, by them. Parents need to be involved in all the activities their child performs in the boarding school. No doubt boarding schools can help children develop and above all have confidence in themselves, which they need to be successful in their lives.